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About DISCOP EAST Market

Established in 1991, DISCOP EAST has grown to become the most important event for the development of audiovisual content business in Central and Eastern Europe, and Central Asia, regions fueled by overall growth in disposable income and advertising spending, the ongoing switchover process, strong broadband deployment, a fast-growing home-video marketplace, the construction of multiplex cinemas and the vigorous emergence of IPTV.

The DISCOP EAST event takes places for 4 days in Budapest at the end of June, at the recently renovated SOFITEL CHAIN BRIDGE HOTEL located in the heart of the city, on the banks of the Danube River.

The event is centered around a 3-day audiovisual content market; screenings of recently produced television programs never released in Central and Eastern Europe, and Central Asia; a 1-day coproduction training and pitching program and a 1-day conference on alternative sources of television air-time income.


+ CONTENT SELLERS International suppliers of film, finished TV programs, scripted and unscripted formats and packaged TV channels.

+ CONTENT BUYERS Qualified programming, acquisition, production and distribution executives from 33 Central, Eastern European, and Central Asian countries representing TV Stations, thematic channels, cable, satellite and telco operators, DVD and theatrical distributors, production companies, territorial agents, web portals and closed-circuit TV networks.

+ CONTENT PRODUCERS Independent audiovisual content producers from all over the world looking for coproduction opportunities with Central and Eastern European, and Central Asian partners.

+ AIR TIME SELLERS Air time sales executives representing national, regional and thematic TV stations operating in Central and Eastern Europe, and Central Asia.

+ ADVERTISERS Advertisers, marketers, media buying and creative agencies operating in Central and Eastern Europe, and Central Asia.

During the course of the DISCOP EAST event, exhibits are set-up in hotel rooms and hospitality suites refurbished as private screening suites and in open communal areas partitioned into individual meeting spaces equipped with screening facilities.

All registered participants can access our online MATCHMAKING and MEETINGS ORGANISATION TOOLS designed to guarantee each attendee as many qualified and fruitful business encounters as possible during the course of the event.

The combination of these services have helped our participants make better use of their market time as many of them rely on our ability to identify new BUYING, SELLING or FUNDING opportunities on their behalf.

DISCOP EAST 10 will take place from Tuesday 22 to Friday 25 June 2010.

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