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Dear Ladies and Gentleman!

On behalf of the Kazakhstani National Information Agency “Khabar”, represented on DISCOP by “Khabar”and “El Arna” TV Channels, please take the warmest congratulations with the great success of the first DISCOP Istanbul!

This event was really essential and helpful to all its participants. Despite of personal meetings and possibilities to know each other, needs, possibilities and offers, we could achieve the great success in negotiations with Turkish, American, European, Middle Eastern companies. We’ve signed the deal memos with few companies for the very essential amount. The greatest thanks and my best wishes to all staff of DISCOP Istanbul! Also special thanks to the sponsors of three very nice, interesting and warm parties!

Hope to take a part at DISCOP at least next year (if you will make it twice a year it would be wonderful!)!
Gaziza Zhapparova, Head of Acquisition Department - “Khabar” Agency
We are well positioned globally; and that of course applies here in Eastern Europe as well. As these markets grow so does the annual significance of DISCOP, so it's necessary to have a presence here. This year we showcased new realities such as Bull Run, (10 x 60'), and Vanity Insanity (13 x 60'), which were equally successful along with our well known library of specials, award ceremonies, entertainment and other genres. It was a great market for us.
Christopher Brouder - Alfred Haber
This is the fourth Discop we have attended, and each year we are improving our positioning in the region. This year we brought several new movies and have also emphasized good musical programming. It is remarkable that many new participants showed up, which resulted in a good amount of new contacts.
André Rells - Vision Films
This year we have participated at Discop as never before; we had eight people at work, taking care of licensing and production deals, as well as executives that usually don't attend the show. Considering Europe as a block, it's very important our presence in Spain, with three products on Antena 3, on top of the autonomic and regional networks, and individual broadcasters.
Carlos Castro - Televisa Estudios
We have available for the region the telenovelas we are producing in Germany, such as "In Love in Berlin" and "event miniseries " such as "Tornado", which look like Hollywood features because of their production values. The novela has been sold to Bulgaria, Latvia, Slovenia and TV2 in Hungary.
Jens Richter - Seven One International
This is the first time Endemol participates with a suite and high profile at DISCOP. That's due to the production boom in the region, but also because we are launching our finished-product area, very successfully produced in Holland and other countries, and capable of performing well at any other market.
Camila Valim - Endemol
For the first time, we are taking our programming about values to Eastern Europe. We have had good meetings and are getting recognized in the region. While our product is not for all the broadcasters, it has strong potential in any region, since programming that is interesting and commercial but also positive and formative is now being sought.
John Cuddihy - LightWorks
It has been the first time we participate with a suite and we have fared very well, to the point of having signed several deals right in the booth. As an example, we sold "La Dama Boba" (The Dumb Lady) to Hungary. Spanish programming has stroing potential in Central and Eastern Europe.
Maria Milagros Mayi - RTVE
We have participated at the Berlin Cinema Festival and now at Discop06; therefore, our movie and television business in Europe has expanded strongly. In Budapest we have promoted our own movies, such as "Las 6 Pelis para no Dormir" (Six Movies for Not Sleeping) and Hollywood product such as "Kobak Box", starred by Timothy Hutton, and strong miniseries, such as "Los Borgia" (The Borgias). The region has grown so much that we are selling directly to each country, instead of going through distributors.
Iván Díaz - Filmax
We are very satisfied with the results of the show; it has been our second time and our progress in the region is clear. We sold very well the series "Beyond the Break", aimed at young audiences, and also a lot of programming for kids, such as "The Zule Patrol", which has been praised by the New York Times'.
Fernando Szew - Marvista
We are an independent Latin American distributor, focused until now on Latin America. Attending Discop for the first time underscores our growth and the expansion of our reach. We offer telenovela scripts and, as something new, Cinenovelas, which are telenovelas with a length of 90 minutes, taped on High Definition. The series is called "Dreams of Passion" and we have 26 episodes ready'.
Patricia Jasin - Xystus
Central and Eastern Europe are always our first market; therefore we assign great importance to Discop. This year we have been faring very well; we signed agreements covering Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia. Among our products, it's worth mentioning "48 Hours" and the new series "Women's Duty", which promises to be an international success.
Patricio Teubal - Mediatrade
The newest products we have introduced at Discop06 are "Olvidarte Jamas" (Never Forget You) and "Nunca Te Dire Adiós" (I'll Never Say You Goodbye). Both have been successful. The company is now involved in the launching of a new Latin movie channel for the Hispanic audience in the U.S. We are becoming more multimedia and more multiregional.
Cristobal Ponte - Venevision International
This is our first time at Discop and we are very satisfied with the interest towards several of our products. We have tried to offer series about subjects that are different from the average; some of them hot, as "The Art of Loving", which deals with sexual positions; a special on Bob Marley, tutorials about Yoga, Reiki and Taichi; we have established quite a number of new contacts.
Mariana Fernandez - Claxson
At Discop06 we have emphasized our line of traditional cartoons, that remain very much appreciated. It's "Cartoon Treasuries", featuring the first episodes and seasons of cartoons that later became classics among kids, such as "Gadget", 'Dennis the Menace", "Heathcliff", "Care Bears" and others.
Dan Waltre - DIC
We always attend Discop, but this year we have reinforced our presence with product and special posters at the hotel elevators. We showcase finished productions and licensing, such as "Prehistoric Park" and "Falcon Beach". Fiction and factual series.
Veronica Gracher - Fremantle
It's my first time at Discop; that's due to the importance achieved by production deals in the region. We are well established in Russia, with three products, and have just confirmed the fourth one, "Los Roldan", which is to be produced with A Media for ZTC. We have several projects for both sides of Europe; "Montecristo" is the new star.. it has been confirmed for Portugal, as an example.
Gonzalo Cilley - Telefé Formatos
We are happy because have been able to find a niche market where there is no competition from other Latin product, and it works well. It's about criminality issues; we have "Killer Women", "Botines" (Spoils), "Attorneys", "Criminal", and "Forensics", a product line of six titles, both new and promising. "Killer Women" has been sold to several countries and we are discussing other deals Both in Eastern and Western Europe.
Luciana Errugola - Premium Media
DISCOP06 has been an odd show because attendance has been higher, yet many broadcasters didn't show up. Anyway, we have been successful in gaining a place in several countries that are not being reached, at least for the time being, by other distributors. Our top selling product has been "El Desprecio" (Despise), our newest release.
Jose Escalante - RCTV
Our channel stands out because its novelas are different due to their locations and scripts; indeed, that has been appreciated at Discop06. We have been doing very well with "La Ex", where the core of the plot is divorce, not a wedding, and "Flight 1503", which is a novela set in a jungle. We sell finished product and scripts, the issue of production is becoming important for us in the region. Discop06 has been a good show, the best one in several years.
Alexander Kochen - Caracol
With "Betty La Fea" we continue to produce local versions in Europe. "In Love in Berlin", which has left everybody very happy, is being followed by "Yo soy Bea" (I am Bea), produced by Telecinco in Spain, and a Russian version on ZTC. As finished product we are selling well "Marilyn" and "La Viuda de la Mafia" (The Mafia Widow), to outlets in Romania and Albania; and we have several proposals for "Merlina", "Lorena" and "Juegos prohibidos (Forbidden Games)'.
María Lucía Hernández - RCN
We have launched our international distribution organization at Discop. We aim at becoming leading players in the distribution of telenovelas. We are producing about 800 hours per year in Israel, 2,200 hours per year in Argentina, and we are the only distributor with fulltime offices in the U.S.A., South America, Middle East (Israel), Europe (Switzerland) and the East: Philippines. This results in better service for each client in each region'.
The new Head of Sales at DoriMedia Distribution, Silvana D'Angelo, adds that several key deals were worked out at Discop, including the direct sale of "Sos mi Vida" (You're my life) to Russian ZTC, and 1,000 hours to Channel O, Turkey, for the opening of its outlet in Romania. 'We are going to handle a large share of the Argentine product. Central Park, Pol-Ka and Ideas del Sur have joined us.

Nadav PALTI - DoriMedia
We are faring extremely well in Central and Eastern Europe. In the recent past we have seen several openings and our customers are enjoying high ratings, with outstanding cases such as "Pasion de Gavilanes" in Armenia reaching 75% share. And we are expecting strong growth, indeed. We are now promoting "Corazon Partido" and, as new product, "Amores de Mercado". And are adding production to licensing.
Melissa Pillow - Tepuy
I am now in charge of international distribution at Media Pro, the company that produces for Romanian Acasa TV. We purchase movies and oversee format production within the region; we as well market in-house productions, already featuring three successful telenovelas, one action series and five movies. We are now producing seven new movies and two novelas. We resell to Croatia, the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic, be it canned product or formats.
Anca Truta - Media Pro Pictures
A new stage is starting for us, with more relevance assigned to fare produced by our channel; "Montecristo" is our top product. And, we continue distributing the product of Cris Morena Group, Endemol Argentina, Patagonik Films (this one, for Eastern Europe) and other producers. Regarding the fare now being distributed by DoriMedia, we retain rights to certain product in certain territories.
Michelle Wasserman - Telefe International
We have had close to 40 meetings during these two days. So, we perceived the market to be very active. We find outstanding the variety of product we offer: two strong novelas, "America" and "Bellísima" (Top Beauty), and two miseries, "JK" and "Mad María". The miniseries are different because they are 50 episodes long, but production values are higher than at novelas. It's a niche we are going to take advantage of.
Rafael Correa - Globo TV
"Rebelde" is being premiered in Romania, as part of a strategy that includes CD sales, live shows and SMS content. "Bailando por un sueño" (Dancing for a dream), in the same country, is on its second season and we are launching "Cantando por un sueño" (Singing for a Dream) , while "Bailando" is already in countries of former Yugoslavia. In Italy, the breaking news is that we are releasing "Rubi" and "Amor Real" (Real Love) on home video; these novelas have not been shown on TV there. It's the first time such a thing is done, it opens a new window of opportunity'.
Claudia Sahab - Televisa Estudios
Thanks a lot for the possibility to be part of DISCOP 05: it was very interesting and I made many valuable contacts!
Overall, DISCOP 05 was very worthwhile for me - I made new contacts and felt that I should get some good business from it. In terms of meetings it was a good improvement on my meetings last year.
DISCOP keeps getting better year after year. Thanks for doing such a great job....
Thank you and all your staff for once again organising a great market. DISCOP 05 was a good market for me and there was a great buzz around the Sofitel. I look forward to attending next time.
I'd like to thank you for all your efforts you put in the organization of DISCOP, which to my understanding are getting better and better from year to year. NTV is definitely going to participate in Discop 2006.
Natalia CHURKINA - NTV Broadcasting RUSSIA
I found DISCOP 2004 and the 1st edition of the TV Loves Mobile conference very interesting and I certainly will
attend again next year.

I would like to thank you for organizing the 1st edition of TV Loves Mobile 2004. This has been our first experience with the Discop organization and its associated events and I am sure we would benefit in the future of this year experience.
Buyers, sellers, friendly environment, helpful staff, cost effectiveness, you name it! Discop is an evolving event tailored for markets that are increasingly important. Usually I am registering as visitor as my company deals with cable channels distribution in Romania. Even if my firm's needs do not consist in TV formats or television programs we did some good contacts and we signed one distribution contract after last year's meeting in Lisbon. So I will definitely be in Budapest this year.
For our company, DISCOP meant an enjoyable experience, a great opportunity to meet the most important film and TV programming producers and distributors, in a warm, friendly environment. DISCOP also means outstanding organizing standards and a lot of facilities for the attendees.
A market such as Discop is always very important for us, in order to contact our Eastern Europe clients face-to-face and be able to cooperate in the best way.
Emerging markets are vital to us. Though many economic regions have had their ups and downs, we are optimistic that these areas are beginning to solidify. We do producers a disservice by not selling to these marketplaces.

I have been attending the DISCOP Program Showcases since their inception; they have always adhered to my business philosophy. As an independent, it is vital to be able to fill the void the majors leave open for us. Attending DISCOP enables us to grasp the financial aspects of these areas and better understand the needs of the channels there.

It is too costly to travel from individual to individual, from country to country. The return on the investment does not warrant the trip, which is why theDISCOP concept is so important to us. All the buyers are under one roof and the sales are more concentrated.
I do believe that the emerging television marketplace has provided many of the smaller local players with more opportunities to grow and has allowed some to become major players in their various marketplaces. I also believe there is still opportunity for smaller companies to enter and grow in the marketplace, as the landscape of television is continually changing and evolving.

Emerging television marketplaces provide a lot of opportunities, as a lot of local players have grown to become major players.

While MIP TV is very good at providing access to some of the major players in the Eastern European marketplace, however, sometimes the conference falls short of bringing in some of the smaller and regional channels. The DISCOP Program Showcase provides further access to the larger players in addition to all the smaller up and coming companies who are growing.

For some companies, traveling to the smaller, emerging territories can put a strain on their budgets, for the time and various costs involved. At times, companies in the smaller marketplaces have a tendency to buy in larger
volume, and this can often make the business transaction worth the time and effort involved.

The DISCOP Program Showcase is an excellent place to make connections with hard to reach television buyers. It also allows more time with the buyers so that sellers may understand the countries better.
Elisabeth Costa de Beauregard - LAKESHORE INTERNATIONAL
The DISCOP Program Showcase allows the buyers more time to screen product and discuss various issues with the sales people present at the market. Sales people are able to focus their pitches and presentations towards clients in a specific area of the world.

The DISCOP Program Showcase is important for E! because E! Networks is not a major studio that spends hundreds of millions of dollars each year marketing their films and TV programs. Most buyers don't realize that we actually produce over 1000 hours a year of long form programming. Discop gives us the chance to exhibit that programming to buyers we might not reach through our standard forms of promotion.

It also allows us to introduce the E! and style brands to decision makers, who may have not had the opportunity to see the channels in the U.S. Both program specific promotion and brand exposure are key elements in our strategy for future growth in emerging markets, and Discop is the perfect place to begin that strategy.

In the past 12 years, Central and Eastern Europe has seen a great deal of change in its socio-political landscape. Nowhere is that more evident than in its business culture. With the acceptance of Western business practice and its exposure to capital markets, this territory has become more appealing to foreign investors. As a result, a vibrant and competitive media industry has developed, including an increased number of commercial free to air broadcasters and various multi-channel pay TV platforms. Most of these broadcasters and platforms are still in a relatively early stage of development, and therefore have a great deal of future growth potential.

That's what makes DISCOP important.

The combination of an increased demand for programming and the possibility of future growth make these markets extremely appealing to business's like E!, that are looking for ways to expand their international presence and create
new revenue streams in the future.
Kevin MacLellan - E! NETWORKS
The DISCOP Program Showcase is the ideal market to meet the buyers from those emerging markets with whom we would like to do business. It is very convenient to meet them at one location and it is also cost-effective.

Although sometimes I am able to meet with qualified buyers at the different markets, I usually find it difficult to contact them and get responses to my emails. Having said that, nevertheless, I am very anxious to do business with
all of the emerging markets.

When time allows we travel to the territories in an attempt to do business.
We've been exhibiting at DISCOP from the second year it was offered. We made a business decision in the mid 90's to develop our business in Central and Eastern Europe and it has paid off for us...do in large part to the DISCOP market.

Local companies have increasingly become major players in their country. Just look at what's happened in Hungary, for example. We always try to meet with these players whether it's at MIP-TV, MIPCOM or DISCOP. But that doesn't mean we won't meet with start-ups. Six years ago, we had a meeting at MIP-TV with a new satellite service from Qatar and they licensed over 70 hours of programs from us. That relationship with Al Jazeera Channel is continuing today. They're one of our best customers.

If buyers are attending the markets, it's not difficult to meet them. What is difficult: trying to agree on a price that's fair to both parties. Some territories pay so little that the cost of translating the program from one language to another exceeds the cost they normally pay to license the program. Hopefully, when their economies become stronger, we'll see better prices.

At the end of each market, we spend some extra time visiting broadcasters. Last year, after attending DISCOP, TPI's Dir. of International Marketing & Sales, Ron Alexander, called on clients in Turkey, Germany and France. Meanwhile, I traveled to Italy, Spain and the UK for the same reason. These trips are important to us. They help build and maintain long term business relationships.
MIP is clearly an important market and time is always at a premium. In the past I have not had enough opportunities to meet with broadcasters and production companies from emerging TV market places as I would have liked.

This year's DISCOP format market gave me a focused opportunity to do just that.

This year's DISCOP format conference provided us with unique opportunity to meet qualified buyers from emerging television market places. It was exciting to hear about so much growth and to learn more about different broadcasters and their needs. We are now at the stage of following up those contacts, to see if that interest translates into actual business. There is never enough time at a big market to meet all the people you need to see. Also, we really need to learn more about emerging marketplaces and their needs.

At Granada we are lucky to have a fine distribution company, Granada International, who have territory executives that travel the world to most of the important markets. But there is no such thing as "too much contact."

This year's DISCOP format conference provided us with unique opportunity to meet qualified buyers from emerging television market places. It was exciting to hear about so much growth and to learn more about different broadcasters and their needs. We are now at the stage of following up those contacts, to see if that interest translates into actual business.
DISCOP continues to be the main event in trying to bring together the buyer and distributor for the emerging territories. I had some very positive meetings at last years event which have led to some good business. Moreover, I hope to conclude more business this year with companies that I first met at DISCOP earlier.

However, though DISCOP tries its best to bring together the buyer and the distributor, I think the key for the future of the event is to keep the momentum going by continuing to attract more buyers and more distributors. While the emerging markets continue to grow I believe there is a future for the event.

Emerging tv marketplaces provide good opportunities through simply allowing many of the distributors to meet and begin working with the local 'players'.

This is especially true as many of these cannot/will not attend MIP TV. Apart from the the main broadcasters or the really big names, the emerging markets don't attend the likes of MIP/MIPCOM: time and budgets do not allow for this.
Matt Creasey - RM ASSOCIATES
We have just signed up for the next DISCOP Program Showcase and this is the first time that we are joining this event!

We look forward to coming to Budapest, as we see this market to be the perfect opportunity to focus on the emerging marketplaces of Central & Eastern Europe and Central Asia, including Russia. These markets are growing at a very interesting pace, and that's why MTV International has decided to specifically focus on these territories in the coming years.

We can offer cost-effective and content-rich formats which could be easily interesting for Eastern Europe and we also have a lot of creative know-how to offer. MTV is already operating on the Polish market where we have co-produced 'The Mole' with TVN.
Karoline Briand Spodsberg - MTV INTERNATIONAL
We believe it is imperative for emerging stations in Eastern Europe to attend DISCOP, as they are able to access programs directly from the distributors, instead of buying them from a third party. They also have access to a larger variety of programming.

At a large market like MIP-TV, we have very short and fast appointments in order to see as many acquisitions people as we can from all over the world. We meet with only a few actual Eastern Europe buyers at a large market like MIP-TV. Only the major TV stations send their acquisitions people. At DISCOP, we have more time to spend with the buyers.

As a smaller distributor, it is impossible for us to travel to all of the different Eastern Europe and Asian territories. We do not have the man-power or time. We rely on DISCOP to present our large film library and series.

We have found DISCOP to be one of the most well organized TV markets we have attended, and at a reasonable cost. We were impressed last year with their new program of listing each buyer's acquisition needs, so that we could contact those companies if we had product they were seeking to acquire.
In general, there is never sufficient time to meet with all the buyer representatives, nor is there enough time for the buyers to meet with us, considering the competition. It is equally difficult to determine the viability of the buyer unless they have been recommended or are past buyers. Accreditation is always an issue, hence, I prefer to deal directly with broadcasters whenever possible.

It is nearly impossible to travel to all the territories. The gathering of buyers and sellers afforded by sales markets best accomodates introductions, however, it has been my experience that the actual deals are finalized in-between markets. While I personally have never attended DISCOP, my staff has in past years and they always recommend continued attendance.
We find Discop Program Showcase very useful in terms of seeing some stations which we don't get to meet otherwise at MIP-TV or MIPCOM, it also gives good opportunity to progress programming discussions initiated around MIP-TV.

Television in the emerging markets is developing very quickly. The time when it was possible to package and sell big volumes of good and not-so-good programming to major players in these countries are over. Commercial television in the emerging markets (and here I am talking from my experience in Central and Eastern Europe) first gained competitive advantage over public broadcasters via introduction of big variety of Western (mainly acquired) programming. Now their interests to a very big extent, lie with local productions. And this is where more and more opportunities come for western suppliers, both in terms of export and import of best ideas. Emerging markets are the main focus of our company's activities at the moment and hence we take a lot of meetings with representatives from these countries at all showcases.

It is true that sometimes buyers from emerging television marketplaces do not have as much information on the latest television offerings in the world as their Western counterparts do. However buyers from the emerging markets know what is suitable for their audiences, what is acceptable traditionally and culturally and hence are well qualified to distinguish what will work for their channels best.

The focus of our company are emerging markets world-wide; this is where our strength is. ECM has the policy of on-going dialogues and frequent contacts with our clients, and therefore we have resources and travel to our key markets very often.
Maria Rakhmatullina - ECM
I am not coming to Cannes, but I have said to everybody to come to DISCOP Program Showcase 2002 if they want to meet with Estonian TV!
Marie Yurtchenko - ESTONIAN TV
It was a great pleasure meeting you and all the others in Lisbon for DISCOP Format Market 2002! I think everything was very well planned and organised and I am happy that we were part of this first edition.
Estelle Von Shinkel - STRIX TELEVISION
DISCOP is a useful and important market for us and it is good that we can send more members of our Acquisitions Team to represent the interests of all Viasat's channels in the nine territories in which it currently broadcasts.

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