Founded in 1991, DISCOP markets help entertainment content producers, sellers and buyers connect, build relationships and close deals in fast-growing world regions where entertainment and media business is fueled by young demographics, fast adoption of new technologies, rising disposable income and the popularity and abundance of content from different cultural backgrounds. 

We organize several markets a year primarily aimed at sub-Saharan and northern Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and the Indian Sub-Continent; enjoy a 92% industry recognition level; and service a community of 5,000+ globe-trotting creative, production, and distribution executives from the television, film, online, video games, recorded music and radio content industries.

Our top priority is to deliver database intelligence and help delegates set-up relevant face-to-face meetings. 24/7 personalized support, training, back-up and data-entry assistance is also available so that each delegate is very well profiled and business goals clearly stated. Content, products, projects and services offered at the markets are also prominently showcased. Delegates can access simple, user-friendly online and mobile tools designed to (1) search lists of participants regrouped according to business objectives and updated in real time; (2) select qualified prospects; (3) solicit meetings ahead of markets, leaving time for research efforts and preliminary introductions.

Running parallel to the 3-day markets, the sidebar Next Gen program features three stand-alone knowledge-transfer and pitching tracks: (1) DISCOPRO centered on regional and international coproduction opportunities; (2) DISCORE focused on the importance of music and sync deals within the content space; and (3) DISCOMICS targeting the animation, special effects, comic books and video gaming sectors.

The last DISCOP market was held in Johannesburg (25|27 October 2017) and welcomed  a record 1506 attendees from 81 countries and 283 buyers representing 148 broadcasters, pay-tv operators, streaming & mobile platforms and other content distribution outlets from sub-Saharan Africa.

Next scheduled markets:

  • DISCOP Dubai (UAE) 25|27 February 2018
  • DISCOP Abidjan 29|31 May 2018
  • DISCOP Zanzibar 11|13 July 2018
  • DISCOP Johannesburg 14|16 Nov 2018
  • DISCOP Dubai Feb 2019 (dates to be confirmed in January 2018)
  • DISCOP Lagos 1|3 May 2019

More information | info@discop.com | TEL + 1 (323) 782 13 00