In a move to accelerate the development of a sustainable production and distribution ecosystem across Africa and the Middle East, DISCOP Markets and Coproduction Forum bring together buyers, sellers and independent producers of film, television, digital and video gaming content. 

Africa and the Middle East are reasserting themselves as the world’s most coveted entertainment and media marketplace, one that encompasses 70 countries with a combined population of 1.5 billion. By 2030, thanks to a young population and growing middle classes, all indicators point to positive future development - especially in the entertainment and media sectors.

Increasing internet connectivity, fast-growing smartphone penetration and the falling cost of data, the launch of digital terrestrial television and the rise of streaming platforms, and broader acceptance of online shopping will make video entertainment more readily available and put hundreds of millions of potential customers in play – 75% of them under the age of 25.

Held in strategic regional industry hubs several times a year, DISCOP Markets help better engage an environment driven primarily by low acquisition budgets and a marked preference for homegrown stories and show concepts. 

DISCOP MARKETS DELIVER MEETINGS between content buyers, sellers and producers seeking to acquire, license and fund: finished content - adaptation rights - works in progress - projects in developmentDISCOP MARKETS combine flexible online technology with personalized attention in a drive to make the market experience more knowledgeable, more comfortable, more economical – and more rewarding.

2,500+ delegates from 100+ countries representing 2,000+ global, regional and local entertainment and media companies will attend DISCOP MARKETS in 2018.