Founded in 1991, DISCOP markets facilitate film, television, digital content and adaptation rights business in fast-developing world regions that are gradually taking on more developed entertainment and media marketplaces. These world-regions are also disrupting existing foreign sales and international coproduction business models.

DISCOP markets specifically target countries across Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Caribbean basin. Close to one hundred markets have taken place since 1991 in hotels and convention centers located in cities that play a key role in these dynamic marketplaces: Abidjan, Accra, Budapest, Dakar, Dubai, Istanbul, Johannesburg, Kuala Lumpur, Nairobi, Tashkent and Warsaw. 

DISCOP markets deliver meetings and visibility necessary to build relationships, pitch projects and close deals. They also provide valuable, actionable information and tools, along with unparalleled connections otherwise impossible. The format of the event marries old-school customers relations, expert field research, strict database management and generation procedures, and modern matchmaking technologies. Before, during and after each market, delegates can access prompt and efficient support to help them identify prospects, confirm meetings, and plan follow-up procedures. For more comfort and stronger exposure, delegates can also book exhibits, sponsorships, PR functions and advertising.

In 2017, three DISCOP markets were held in Dubai, Abidjan and Johannesburg. They collectively welcomed 2,500+ delegates representing 1,500+ entertainment and media companies from 110+ countries. 

The year was also marked by an irrevocable shift of global entertainment and media industry attention towards new opportunities in emerging ‘territories’.

Indeed, these emerging ‘territories, are on track to become the world’s fastest growing marketplaces. As a result, massive consumption of homegrown content and trade between countries marked by similar cultural backgrounds and business dynamics will be the dominant forces shaping these rapidly expanding entertainment and media ecosystems.

In this context DISCOP has embarked on an aggressive development plan to add new markets and services in the coming years. 

Four markets will take place in 2018 in Dubai (25 | 27 February), Abidjan (29 | 31 May), Zanzibar (11 | 13 July), and Johannesburg (14 | 16 November). They are expected to welcome 3,500+ delegates (from 130+ countries) shaping the new frontiers of entertainment content production and distribution business. 

Two additional markets will be added in 2019: one in Lagos with a focus on Nigeria (1|3 May); and one in Mumbai, with a focus on the Indian Sub-Continent with dates to be announced at a later stage.

More information | info@discop.com | TEL + 1 (323) 782 13 00