Designed to help up-and-coming producers from Africa and the Middle East achieve their full potential, the DISCOPRO conference, development and networking program is aimed at the next generation of talented and passionate producers who are ready to make the big multiscreen hits of the future. 

DISCOPRO is specifically tailored to meet the demand of such a rapidly changing audiovisual landscape where there is no end in sight to the demand for locally produced television series, animated content, formats and documentaries.

The DISCOPRO program runs parallel to each of the three DISCOP content markets and coproduction forum taking place each year in Abidjan, Ivory Coast; Johannesburg, South Africa; and Cairo, Egypt. These three industry gatherings specifically target 69 countries in Africa and the Middle East who will soon exercise huge economic influence on the global entertainment and media industry.

DISCOPRO JOBURG 2019 (20 to 22 November 2019). 

To be publicized around mid-August, the general program will include:

#1. Panel discussions around six key pillars:

  1. The United World of Animation. This session will bring together globe-trotting animation experts to discuss emerging coproduction partnerships centered on Sub-Saharan Africa. They will use their own experience and countries as case studies (U.K., Germany, France, Turkey, India and Canada) to paint a vivid picture of these nascent opportunities.

  2. Stop Fake News. The topic of fake news is as old as the news industry itself—misinformation, hoaxes, propaganda, and satire have long been in existence. This session will gather news content producers to discuss and determine the kinds of fake news that exist and provide tools for how to evaluate news for its reliability and truth.

  3. The Content Monetization Challenge. Sub-Saharan African mobile phone companies are no longer taking baby steps towards what could be their next big revenue driver – monetizing content. This session will examine the sophisticated mobile-money solutions offered by these companies that could better meet the needs of financially vulnerable content producers.

  4. Empowering Women in the Entertainment Industry. Leading entertainment and media executives will provide insight into how they have earned their success, the challenges they face and the innovative process, actionable tactics and strategies they implement into their own working lives.

  5. What Buyers Want. This session will bring together a cross-section of seasoned content buyers and sellers who will discuss recent programming trends based on their most recent transactions in the key markets of South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Ivory Coast.

  6. How to Bring Popular Multiplayer Video Game Competitions to the Screen. With Africa ready to stage some of the world’s most popular multiplayer video game competitions, this session will bring together video game event curators, broadcasters, ad marketers as they look at ways to bring the e-Sports experience to mainstream television audiences

#2. A Masterclass Program centered on multicultural content production. Given the growth predictions of diverse consumers, cultural competency is key to cross-cultural success and creating content that appeals to a multicultural audience is an important competitive advantage. This program will address how writers, directors and producers can best adapt to the fast-paced world of multicultural television production.

#3. The Pitching Showcase. Welcoming producers based in Africa and the Middle East, The Pitching Showcase will feature sixteens projects curated by renown talent-scouters in four different categories: TV series, Animation, Formats, Documentaries. Chosen for their international potential and their development stage, these projects will be pitched in front of an expert panel consisting of seasoned producers, commissioning editors, programmers and marketers seeking content.

#4. The First Look Series of Innovative Ideas. Intertwined in the general DISCOPRO agenda, this series will feature a line-up of ten inspiring presentations from experts, entrepreneurs, key players and inspiring speakers who have the edge on how independent producers and storytellers can improve their crafts, generate more revenue and expand their reach. Companies can also sponsor these stand alone sessions to increase their visibility.

#5. A Tutorial Track focused on International Coproduction Opportunities. In addition to proper targeting, original themes, and international distribution, multi-party coproduction is increasingly becoming an important factor for success. Countries with rapidly developing content distribution sectors and booming creative industries are becoming important suppliers of talent, stories and production services to the global community. Many of them in Africa and the Middle East. This Tutorial Track will look at incentives and opportunities, and competitive advantages available in the following countries: South Africa, Cameroon, Rwanda, Turkey, Uganda, U.K. and Australia.

 #6. Avant-Premiere Screening of Remarkable U.K. Television Shows. With the U.K. as Guest Country, the end of each day will be marked by two exclusive previews of upcoming and original television series produced by the most creative voices responsible for the current golden age of television ‘Made in the U.K.’ A master of ceremonies will review the talent behind each show and engage with the audience for Q&As.