Founded in 1991, DISCOP markets help entertainment content producers, sellers and buyers connect, build relationships, pitch projects and make deals in Africa, the Middle East, new Europe, West Asia and the Indian subcontinent.

We provide database intelligence and deliver meetings during these markets planned in important regional hubs such as Abidjan (Cote D’Ivoire), Accra (Ghana), Budapest (Hungary), Dakar (Senegal), Dubai (E.A.U.), Istanbul (Turkey), Johannesburg (South Africa), Moscow (Russia) Nairobi (Kenya), Tashkent (Uzbekistan) and Warsaw (Poland).

We enjoy a 92% industry recognition level and service a community of 3,000+ globe-trotting television, film, online, video games, publishing, recorded music and radio content industries. 

Next scheduled markets:

  • DISCOP Johannesburg 25|27 October 2017
  • DISCOP Dubai 25|27 February 2018
  • DISCOP Abidjan 29|31 May 2018
  • DISCOP Zanzibar 11|13 July 2018
  • DISCOP Johannesburg 14|16 Nov 2018
  • DISCOP Dubai Feb 2019 (dates to confirmed in December 2018)
  • DISCOP Lagos 1|3 May 2019