Marketplace Briefing - Part 1

What Buyers Want

This first part of this briefing will bring together seasoned content buyers and sellers who will discuss recent programming trends based on their most recent transactions in the key markets of South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia and Ivory Coast.

Marketplace Briefing - Part 2

The value of Africa’s animation sector

As talent and technologies drive opportunities for growth in Africa’s animation industry, the second part of this briefing will share critical information and insight on what’s ahead of this booming sector and its value for international co-productions.

Panel Discussion - TAC presents: Exporting African Content to the World

While there may be a perceived increase in interest in African content outside of the continent, the demand is still low. The Africa Channel will examine what can be done to raise the awareness of local productions with cross-border potential, and generate interest from international content distribution platforms servicing not only African diasporas – but also fast-growing multicultural audiences around the world.

Join the following renowned industry professionals as they share their views, experiences and acquired wisdom on topics such as development, production, financing, sales, and distribution that will give African creatives a leg up on maximizing their influence and revenue in the global arena.

The panelists so far

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First Look Presentation Hosted by ITV

"ITV Presents..." - Hosted by David Wilcox, Senior Vice President of Sales for EMEA

In this session, Senior Vice President of Sales for EMEA David Wilcox will offer DISCOP Johannesburg delegates a first look at the exciting and diverse range of content that ITVS GE will be launching internationally within the coming year. Headlining the slate, will be the much-anticipated Noughts & Crosses, a gripping story of first love set in a dangerous, alternate world where racism divides society. Based on former Children’s Laureate Malorie Blackman OBE’s award-winning novel series, it showcases leading South African off and on-screen talent including Masali Baduza and Bonnie Mbuli.

ITV Studios Global Entertainment (ITVS GE) is the world-leading multi-genre, multi-disciplinary, multi-platform distribution arm of ITV Studios. It distributes programming which is ‘More Than TV’; programming that truly moves people, grips the nation, starts conversations, entertains millions and shapes culture.

ITVS GE represents in excess of 45,000 hours of brand-defining content from the 55+ award-winning production labels in the ITV family which produce 8,900 hours of programming per year, as well as selected shows from leading producers from around the world. Through its global network which includes offices in London, Hong Kong, Paris, Germany, the Nordics, Los Angeles, Mumbai and Sydney, it distributes critically acclaimed and universally adored titles such as Bodyguard; Victoria; Poldark; Good Witch; Vera; 63 Up; 24 Hours in Police Custody; The Graham Norton Show and Magical Land of Oz internationally; as well the highly anticipated Snowpiercer and World on Fire, supplying more than 3000 broadcasters and platforms worldwide.

ITV Studios is part of the ITV PLC, which includes the UK’s largest commercial broadcaster.

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First Look Presentation Hosted by Warner Media

"Creating Relevant Brands for African Audiences"

Hosted by Julien Borde, Head of Channels for EMEA, and Ariane Suveg, Programming Director and Head of Kids Content

WarnerMedia is a leading media and entertainment company that creates and distributes premium and popular content from a diverse array of talented storytellers and journalists to global audiences through its consumer brands including: HBO, Warner Bros., TNT, TBS, CNN, DC Entertainment, New Line, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Turner Classic Movies and others. 

In this panel, WarnerMedia Africa will present how our international television channels, such as Cartoon Network, Boomerang or TNT, works to create a brand experience that feels relevant for a local African audience. The panelists will focus on the subject of localization and discussing it from all points of angles relevant for our business: through on-air programming that resonates with local habits and celebrations, subtitles in local languages, communication and marketing that is up-to-date with local trends, collaborating with local partners as well as creating original local content. The session will then develop specifically on Cartoon Network’s ambition to create animation content in Africa, by bringing recent partners and talents from the initiative “Cartoon Network Creative Lab” to a round table and discussion, as well as revealing the three winning shorts.


Tutorial session - South Africa is open for Business

Arts & Culture SA logo.png

In addition to proper targeting, original themes, and international distribution, multi-party coproduction is increasingly becoming an important factor for success. South Africa - with a rapidly developing content production and distribution sector, competitive advantages and many co-production treaties already in place – is an important supplier of talent, stories, and production services to the global community. This session will put under the spotlight projects that can benefit from existing co-production treaties between South Africa and France, the UK, Canada, and Australia.

Panel Discussion-The United World of Animation

This session will bring together globe-trotting animation experts to discuss emerging coproduction partnerships centered on Sub-Saharan Africa. They will use their own experience and countries as case studies to paint a vivid picture of these nascent opportunities.

Panel Discussion-How to bring multiplayer video game competitions to the screen

With Africa ready to stage some of the world’s most popular multiplayer video game competitions, this session will bring together video game event curators, broadcasters, ad marketers as they look at ways to bring the e-Sports experience to mainstream television audiences

First Look presentation Hosted by WeWork

The Future of Content & Creative Work: How Creators are using Flexible Workspaces - Hosted by Tim Salau, Global Evangelist at WeWork

The traditional office cubicle does not nurture creativity or agile work. The traditional office is dead. The modern office is one that empowers producers and creators to create with ease, build their creative network, and get to work no matter where they are at. The future of content & creative work is agile and agile work requires a flexible workspace. In this keynote, Tim Salau, Mr. Future of Work & WeWork's Global Evangelist will be discussing how producers can benefit from flexible workspaces and boundless productivity.


Panel Discussion-The Content Monetization Challenge

This session will examine how financially vulnerable producers can monetize their content using new solutions. Mobile, telecom, satellite and other experts will share the stage to explain why they are no longer taking baby steps towards what could be their next big revenue driver – helping producers monetizing content.

Panel Discussion-Stop Fake News

The topic of fake news is as old as the news industry itself—conspiracy theories, hoaxes, propaganda, and satire have long been in existence. This session will gather news content producers and broadcasters to discuss and determine the kinds of misinformation that exist.

First Look Presentation-Hosted by FilmOne Entertainment

"Nollywood Rising" - Hosted by Ife Idowu, Executive of Licensing, International Sales and Contract Management at The FilmOne Limited

FilmOne, part of the FilmHouse Group, is a production and distribution studio operating out of Lagos, Nigeria. The company is a leading producer of indigenous (Nollywood) titles whilst it is also an independent distributor of top-tier mainstream and commercial titles including international and indigenous titles.

FilmOne is committed to showcasing the rich and diverse offering of Nollywood by releasing its films in multiple territories across the globe. With a vast network of international partners, the company is well placed to widen the reach and maximize revenues seamlessly. 

In this session, Ife will give an overview of the different services offered by FilmOne and provide insights to the emerging film market of 2019 – Nigeria, according to National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO)/Cinemacon.


Al Jazeera Screenings

Join Al Jazeera and friends as they present us with two new films produced by African filmmakers:

Sudan’s Forgotten Films - Suhaib Gasmelbari

Two elderly men in Sudan race to save the national film archive, as reels of rare historical footage disintegrate in its neglected vaults.


Back to Kinshasa - Dieudo Hamadi

A Congolese activist returns to Kinshasa in the hope of reviving a campaign against longstanding President Joseph Kabila.


First Look Presentation Hosted by Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera English provides international news and current affairs that places people at the heart of the story, rooted in the belief that everyone has a story worth hearing. Through its fearless journalism and award-winning programming, it tells authentic stories about people everywhere, without geographical or cultural prejudice. Since launching in 2006, Al Jazeera English has garnered international praise for its impartial and fact-based reporting, winning prestigious awards from journalism’s most respected institutions. With headquarters in the Middle East and correspondents in more than 70 bureaus around the world, it offers a fresh perspective on global news. From developed to developing markets, it adds local context through an on-the-ground presence in as many places as possible. Today, Al Jazeera English reaches more than 310 million households in 150 countries (as of October 2019), delivering bold reporting that informs, empowers and challenges perceptions.


First Look Presentation Hosted by Vubiquity

"Vubiquity: Let Us Take Your Content Everywhere" - Hosted by Jason Keiles, Vice President of Global Content Strategy.

VUBIQUITY, part of the Amdocs Media division of Amdocs, connects content producers and video distributors to deliver media to viewers on any screen, anywhere in the world.

The company offers over 150,000 unique titles from over 600 global content providers for both linear and video-on-demand viewing, supporting multiple subscription business models. Vubiquity's services are available in 121 countries and 80 languages.

In this session, Jason will give an overview of the managed services offered across Vubiquity’s global footprint, share global trends in content consumption, and give a unique insight of Vubiquity’s experience in the African content market.


First Look Presentation Hosted by Pomegranate Media

"Pitching for Branded Entertainment" - Hosted by Jan C. Botha, Head of Business Development / Executive Producer at Pomegranate Media.

Audiences are slowly shifting away from ‘appointment viewing’ associated with traditional free-to-air broadcasters and moving towards ‘on-demand’ viewing through various streaming platforms.  Unfortunately, as with any ‘positively’ disruptive direct-to-consumer technology, it has negatively affected the associated middle-man industry, thereby taking audiences and revenue away from local platforms that have traditionally funded the local TV production space in Africa.

The absence of funding from international streaming platforms and the dramatic shrinking of local production financing from traditional broadcasters has forced producers to explore alternative funding models in order to survive.  One of these models include the use of funding from big brands with prominent ad spending to help finance local projects.

This presentation intends to inform and educate the audience on the essential elements that need to be in place if a producer wants to pitch a long-form idea to a brand that has lucrative marketing budget, which include how to you intend to use the product in production, constructing a unique pitch, and outlining the benefits for all parties involved.

Pom Logo.jpg

First Look Presentation Hosted by Hiventy


Hosted by Juliette Vivier, Head of Africa & Asia; Caroline Mbindyo-Koroso, EVP - Africa, and Pascal Koroso Mwita, COO - Africa

Since Netflix came into the global market, and more generally the OTT platforms, the localization became a keystone for global distribution and growth. Localization is a crucial step to sell out your programs, expand your market footprint, and increase your worldwide sales. However, a poorly made localization can dramatically affect your film or series release, thus becoming a complete failure in one or several territories.

Nowadays, programs are airing simultaneously in multiple territories and therefore in multiple languages. But, how to handle the production, how to keep the quality and the essence of the original version, how to balance the costs and the investment vs the quality, what are the current innovation to ensure consistent and qualitative multi-languages subtitling and dubbing works at the same time, what are the business impacts of the localization? These are a few questions we intend to answer during this open discussion, having in mind that the main objective is to review the latest trends and techniques that will best support your business development within a region, a continent or at the international level. 


Master Class - The Value of Copyright

Join Garland-Waide Bradford of African Animation Network as he discusses the business case of Intellectual Property (copyright) as a cornerstone of a sustainable creative industry. This includes looking at the avenues through which IP can be exploited, e.g. licensing, merchandising and the economic value it has for a region like Africa.

copyrights icon-02.png

Panel Discussion-Empowering women in the television industry

This panel will bring together leading female executives to discuss how organizations and independent creatives can advance and improve the career opportunities made available to women in the entertainment industry via corporate policy, landmark quotas, personal interventions, regional comparisons, and other important factors.

Black Woman_Power.png

Master Class - Music as a Cross-Border Accelerator

Join Nick Argyros of Audio Militia as he speaks about the importance of sound and music in the content environment, how to take a brief as a producer so that you’re writing more accurately; what are you trying to get out of it (territories, timing, mediums/channels etc.), the different work streams and their specific approach as well as Rates; How do you know how much to charge and what specifics to charge for.

Panel Discussion - Why dubbed content is important

Dubbed content has become a big deal today. Multiscreen audiences can see plenty of foreign and other language movies, serials, documentaries, reality, and game shows, etc. that are now available with dubbed versions. Aida Martirosyan, Managing Director at Haymillian, will moderate a panel of network and broadcast executives to discuss the importance of dubbed content in the present day and at ways to cost-effectively localize programs aimed at multicultural audiences.

First Look Presentation-Hosted by Ubongo & Pixcomm

“Animation for Good: The Importance of African Educatainment" - Hosted by Kriyen Ponnan, Broadcast Manager at Ubongo; and Nic Buchannan, Producer at Pixcomm

Ubongo and Pixcomm present an overview of the current state of animation and the education crises in Africa, and give unique insight that shows how animated content can be used to address societal issues and drive change.

Using their programs as a guiding example, Ubongo and Pixcomm will demonstrate how human-centered research, powerful storytelling, mass distribution, and rigorous impact analysis can create content that can improve school readiness that has a lasting impact on the learning outcomes of African children.


First Look Presentation Hosted by Shoot Cameroon

Bringing Cameroon to the World Stage"

Hosted by Mirielle Idelette Kouyembous, Coordinator, Shoot in Cameroon

For more than 30 years - since the film “Muna Muto” was awarded Etalon d’Or de Yenega of the Fespaco film Festival in 1976 - Cameroon has been out of the international competitiveness of the film industry. This absence is mainly due to the lack of local human and technical infrastructure, but also because Cameroonian films are made with no financial support. However, Cameroon has all the tourist, cultural, institutional and historical substance to make interesting, captivating and competitive multiscreen content, on the sole condition that the financial means of production are sufficient.

In this presentation, SHOOT IN CAMEROON aims to inform DISCOP delegates from around the world the opportunities that Cameroon offers for co-production.  The organization strives to create openings for the nation’s talented cast and crew and, by extension, develop its cinema through new friends, distinct heritage, and diverse partnerships with the goal of bringing multicultural content made in Cameroon to the world stage.

Logo SIC décliné.jpg

Master Class - How to Shoot a Film Under $10,000 and sell it to Showmax

Khalid El-Jelalaiti is an indie filmmaker, screenwriter and director who’s identified an effective model for micro-budget filmmaking. Join him in his Masterclass as he discusses the dilemmas of filmmaking, and his results-based solutions, as well as his five-step process to going Indie.

FupiToons Animation Festival

FUPiTOONS - derived from the Swahili adjective "short" - is Africa's first film festival dedicated to short form animation. "Made in Africa for Kids", the festival showcases the best African animated content. Partnering with DISCOP Markets for the third straight year, the festival debuts at DISCOP Johannesburg before touring the continent in the succeeding calendar year. The highlight of the festival will be a screening at Annecy Int. Animated Film Fest. 2020 as part of the Africa 2020 Creative Season.