Bringing Cameroon to the World Stage"

Hosted by Mirielle Idelette Kouyembous, Coordinator, Shoot in Cameroon

For more than 30 years - since the film “Muna Muto” was awarded Etalon d’Or de Yenega of the Fespaco film Festival in 1976 - Cameroon has been out of the international competitiveness of the film industry. This absence is mainly due to the lack of local human and technical infrastructure, but also because Cameroonian films are made with no financial support. However, Cameroon has all the tourist, cultural, institutional and historical substance to make interesting, captivating and competitive multiscreen content, on the sole condition that the financial means of production are sufficient.

In this presentation, SHOOT IN CAMEROON aims to inform DISCOP delegates from around the world the opportunities that Cameroon offers for co-production.  The organization strives to create openings for the nation’s talented cast and crew and, by extension, develop its cinema through new friends, distinct heritage, and diverse partnerships with the goal of bringing multicultural content made in Cameroon to the world stage.

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