Hosted by Juliette Vivier, Head of Africa & Asia; Caroline Mbindyo-Koroso, EVP - Africa, and Pascal Koroso Mwita, COO - Africa

Since Netflix came into the global market, and more generally the OTT platforms, the localization became a keystone for global distribution and growth. Localization is a crucial step to sell out your programs, expand your market footprint, and increase your worldwide sales. However, a poorly made localization can dramatically affect your film or series release, thus becoming a complete failure in one or several territories.

Nowadays, programs are airing simultaneously in multiple territories and therefore in multiple languages. But, how to handle the production, how to keep the quality and the essence of the original version, how to balance the costs and the investment vs the quality, what are the current innovation to ensure consistent and qualitative multi-languages subtitling and dubbing works at the same time, what are the business impacts of the localization? These are a few questions we intend to answer during this open discussion, having in mind that the main objective is to review the latest trends and techniques that will best support your business development within a region, a continent or at the international level.