"Pitching for Branded Entertainment". Presentation hosted by Jan C. Bantha - Head of Business Development / Executive Producer at Pomegranate Media.

Audiences are slowly shifting away from ‘appointment viewing’ associated with traditional free-to-air broadcasters and moving towards ‘on-demand’ viewing through various streaming platforms.  Unfortunately, as with any ‘positively’ disruptive direct-to-consumer technology, it has negatively affected the associated middle-man industry, thereby taking audiences and revenue away from local platforms that have traditionally funded the local TV production space in Africa.

The absence of funding from international streaming platforms and the dramatic shrinking of local production financing from traditional broadcasters has forced producers to explore alternative funding models in order to survive.  One of these models include the use of funding from big brands with prominent ad spending to help finance local projects.

This presentation intends to inform and educate the audience on the essential elements that need to be in place if a producer wants to pitch a long-form idea to a brand that has lucrative marketing budget, which include how to you intend to use the product in production, constructing a unique pitch, and outlining the benefits for all parties involved.