Ramadan the most important month of the year for most MENA broadcasters, as the majority of their advertising revenues will be generated in the holy month.

  • What is a typical MENA broadcaster Ramadan grid, and how do broadcasters decide what programs to acquire for Ramadan?
  • What percentage of a MENA broadcaster's annual programming budget is spent on Ramadan acquisitions?
  • How big is the spike in TV viewership in Ramadan? What genres & styles of programming recorded the highest viewership minutes in 2017?
  • What does “exclusive" really mean for Ramadan programming in the MENA FTA market? Is OTT changing the rules of the game?
  • Post-Ramadan: How do broadcasters measure success rates of the titles they’ve acquired to help in determining future acquisition decisions?

Moderator: Heba Korayem, Client Director, mena.tv (UAE)        



  • Samer Geissah, Vice President of Innovation, du Telecom (UAE)
  • Manar Al Amin, Chief Commercial Officer, CBC (Egypt)
  • Yahya Sameh, CEO, PromOmedia (Egypt)
  • Heba Al Deelee, Al Aan TV (UAE)