A Panorama of the diverse markets, content products, investment and production opportunities within the massive sub-Saharan region. Can the Middle East sell content into sub-Saharan Africa? What content are the Sub-Saharan Africa broadcasters looking for in the MENA region or what can be adapted for the local markets? What opportunities are there for Middle Eastern content producers within Sub-Saharan Africa? Can the Middle East buy content from sub-Saharan Africa? Discussions with experts on how the gap between sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East can be narrowed

Moderated by: Patrick Zuchowicki, Founder and CEO, Discop Markets (USA)


  • Asif Sheikh, CEO & Co-Founder, Africa 24 Media (Kenya)
  • Mactar Silla, Chairman & CEO, Label TV (Gabon)
  • Richard Boorman, Head of Communications, Showmax (South Africa)
  • Ana Ballo, General Manager, RTI Distribution (Ivory Coast)