A newly revamped and focused DISCOP JOHANNESBURG programme will see a scope that goes beyond content buying and selling.

In line with DISCOP Market’s vision to promote the commerce and co-production of multi-screen entertainment content across Africa, the upcoming edition, to be held from 20 to 22 November, will put a strong emphasis on African television projects in development, partnerships with South Africa, the booming animation sector, and the export of content produced on the continent.

“Not since the invention of television has Africa exercised such an influence on the creation of original multiscreen content,” said Patrick Zuchowicki, President of DISCOP, who added, “This year’s DISCOP JOHANNESBURG will see three times more projects with cross-border potential brought to the market by African producers than in 2018.”

With many high-profile international TV series being shot in South Africa, a tutorial track will put under the spotlight the country’s rebates system and examine the benefits available through coproduction treaties that exist between South Africa and The United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada and Australia.