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About DISCOP Johannesburg


About DISCOP Johannesburg

NEXT EDITION | 20-22 November 2019

Launched in 2012, DISCOP Johannesburg specifically targets Sub-Saharan countries where English, Portuguese and Swahili are spoken as first or second language.

With a combined population of 900 million people, 55 to 60 million television households and over 23 million pay-tv subscribers, this part of the world encompasses 27 countries embracing digital transformation. Excluding sports rights, public and commercial broadcasters, premium cable channels, cable and satellite operators, telecoms, and mobile and streaming platforms have spent around $600 Million to buy content in 2018 – a 50% increase since the beginning of the decade – and generated close to $3.2 billion in direct pay-tv / advertising revenues.

Lower internet costs, better infrastructures, expanding mobile connectivity, fast-rising smartphone and pay-tv penetration, greater fiber uptake and the desire to improve the regulatory environment, will make multiscreen audiovisual content more readily available and soon put tens of millions of customers in play. In the next five years, these countries’ appetite for multiscreen programs will explode and annual acquisition budgets are expected to double, reaching $1.2 Billion.

Designed to help global companies as well as independents achieve their full potential on the Continent, DISCOP Johannesburg is specifically tailored to meet the demand of a rapidly changing audiovisual landscape under the influence of a marked preference for home-grown content, the emergence of local talents, viewers’ migration to on-demand streaming and mobile screens, increased mobility and faster internet.

Running parallel to the market, three distinct initiatives have been set to create more interaction during DISCOP Johannesburg.

DISCOMICS | This program helps young animation talent fuel the production of original and homegrown content. It focuses on development and global representation opportunities.

DISCOPRO | This program helps projects in development reach out to key players who can bring added value at the funding stage and play an influential role.

DISCORE | This program helps musical talents reach out to international music supervisors who seek original songs and scores that can accompany film, television and gaming content. 

The United Kingdom will be DISCOP Johannesburg 2019’s ‘Guest Country’ to honor the presence of British companies at the market. It will also be an opportunity for U.K. and South African producers to build on an existing co-production treaty that covers both the film and television sectors.    

The 2019 edition of DISCOP Johannesburg will bring together 1600+ key delegates representing:

250+ TOP BUYING COMPANIES representing public and commercial broadcasters; cable / satellite pay-tv networks; telecoms and mobile operators; and streaming platforms operating in English, Portuguese and Swahili-speaking Sub-Saharan Africa.

400+ TOP CONTENT PRODUCERS representing film, television and gaming content production companies from Africa with projects in development and works in progress.

150+ GLOBAL & REGIONAL CONTENT DISTRIBUTORS offering finished programs, adaptation rights and packaged channels.

100+ PERIPHERAL COMPANIES representing advertising agencies, financiers, regulators, advisory firms, research consultancies, and governmental institutions.   


The Market

The Market

The Market

The Market

Close to 250+ international, regional and local suppliers and producers of film, television and digital content, adaptation rights and packaged TV channels will be attending DISCOP Johannesburg with more than 10,000+ movies, limited and episodic TV series, dramas, animated and educational content, formats, documentaries, and much more.

They will exhibit across a 5,000 SQ. meter market floor inside the SANDTON CONVENTION CENTRE—the premier exhibition, conference and events destination in Africa. The venue is conveniently located in Johannesburg’s vibrant business district within easy reach of the Gautrain and O.R. Tambo International airport.

The market floor is divided into individual exhibits that include MEETING TABLES, VIEWING BOXES and 9 M2 STANDS as well as REGIONAL, NATIONAL and INDUSTRY GROUP UMBRELLAS that represent smaller-sized and independent companies.  The Non-exhibiting delegates (except VISITORS) are welcome to use the ‘Meetings on Demand Lounge’ located on the market floor to facilitate the planning of their meetings.

CONTACT: Marc BERRY or via phone on + 1 (323) 782 13 00 in our Los Angeles offices.



Meetings On Demand


Meetings On Demand

In today’s fast-moving Sub-Saharan African entertainment industry, the normal functions of content buyers, sellers and producers are beginning to blur. That’s why we make it our priority to deliver as many relevant and distinguishable meetings during the course of DISCOP markets. Delegates registered for DISCOP Johannesburg (except VISITORS) are entitled to the following meeting-organization assistance:

1 AUGUST 2019 (Johannesburg)

  • Companies who have never attended DISCOP markets in the past have access to lead-generation services designed to help them identify relevant vendors / buyers on the basis of detailed business profiles;

  • Veteran content vendors / buyers can access an online meeting organization platform and reach out to other delegates registered as BUYERS | SELLERS | PRODUCERS. Our staff is on hand to point out new companies who never took part in DISCOP Abidjan nor DISCOP Johannesburg in the past;

  • Content vendors can upload and showcase up to 5 programs onto the DISCOP CLUB screening platform for a period of 12 months. Key content buyers have access to DISCOP CLUB and can screen trailers / full-length episodes of programs offered at the market. 

  • Content buyers can also interact with ‘personal shoppers’ on stand-by to answer their questions and prepare the ground for meetings at the market.


  • To save time, non exhibiting content vendors / buyers can set-up their meetings inside the ‘Meeting On Demand Lounge’. They will be welcome by our staff and directed to communal tables.

  • Content vendors / buyers can request the assistance of our onsite staff to set-up last-minute meetings, chase ‘No Shows’ and be notified of important delegate changes. 

Discop 2018-2.jpg

Sidebar Program Discop Joburg


Sidebar Program Discop Joburg



The DISCOP JOHANNESBURG 2018 AGENDA featureD 3 focused tracks, 42 conversations, panels, presentations, workshops, EVENTS, and over 50 world-class experts.

Meet the Experts

Meet Discop Speakers

Meet the Experts

Meet Discop Speakers

welcome cocktail party_4762_1.jpg


Press Conferences


Press Conferences



16:00: CANAL+




Register Johannesburg

Register Johannesburg


Plan Your Trip Johannesburg

Plan Your Trip


Plan Your Trip Johannesburg

Plan Your Trip


VISA Johannesburg

VISA Johannesburg


A valid passport at least 6 months prior to its expiration date, sufficient funds, a return or onward ticket, and at least two blank pages in your passport are required for all visitors to South Africa. Yellow fever certificates are required if the journey starts or entails passing through the yellow fever belt of Africa or South America.

a)        List of Countries that do not require prior visa to South Africa

**SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE** Please consult the website for updated information. The citizen who is a holder of a national passport  of the following countries,  territories, and/or international organizations is not required to hold a visa in respect  of purposes for which a visitor’s permit may be issued for an intended stay of 90  days or less and when in transit:

•   Luxemburg

•  Malta

•   Monaco

•   Namibia

•   Netherlands

•  New Zealand

•  Norway

•   Panama

•   Paraguay

•   Portugal

•  San Marino

•   Singapore

•   Spain

•  St Vincent & Grenadines

•   Sweden

•   Switzerland

•  Tanzania (90 days per year)

•  Trinidad & Tobago

•  United Kingdom

•  United States

•   Uruguay

•  Venezuela

•  Zambia (90 days per year)

•   Zimbabwe


•  African Union Laissez Passer

•   Andorra

•   Argentina

•  Australia

•  Austria

•   Belgium

•   Botswana

•  Brazil

•   Canada

•  Chile

•  Czech Republic

•   Denmark

•   Ecuador

•   Finland

•   France

•   Germany

•   Greece

•   Iceland

•   Ireland

•   Israel

•  Italy

•   Jamaica

•  Japan

•   Liechtenstein



The citizen who is a holder of a national passport  of the following countries,  territories, and/or international organizations is not required to hold a visa in respect  of purposes for which a visitor’s permit may be issued for an intended stay of 30  days or less and when in transit:

•   Macau

•  Malaysia

•  Malawi

•  Maldives

•   Mauritius

•   Mozambique

•  Peru

•   Poland

•   Seychelles

•  Slovak Republic

•  South Korea

•   Swaziland

•   Thailand

•  Turkey

•  Antigua and Barbuda

•   Bahamas

•   Barbados

•  Belize

•   Benin

•  Bolivia

•  Cape Verde

•  Costa Rica

•   Cyprus

•   Gabon

•   Guyana

•  Hong Kong

•   Hungary

•   Jordan

•   Lesotho


b)        Must I request a visa in advance at the Consulate or Embassy of South Africa?

If your country or territory is not listed above, you will need to request a Visa at your local South African Consulate or Embassy.

To request an invitation letter necessary to apply for a Visitor visa, please email Marc Berry at with your information and a copy of your passport.

Fly to Johannesburg

Fly to Johannesburg

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Partners Discop Joburg 2018


Partners Discop Joburg 2018