The DISCOP Organization is proud to provide its exhibitors with our Meeting Organization Service. Our matchmaking service has consistently increased in activity and participants average 35 qualified meetings over the course of the 3-day market.

To take full advantage of this service, please follow these steps.

How do I login?

As a registered participant you have the access to our

have received a confirmation of your registration with your username and password). If by Monday, April 18th you have not received your username and password, please contact Sheryl NAVARRO,

matchmaking program which enables exhibitors and registered delegates to view each other’s profiles, request meetings, monitor confirmations, send messages and chat with our multilingual support team 24 hours a day. The matchmaking program starts on Monday, April 18th (by this date you should

To access the matchmaking platform, please go to or go to

As a registered exhibitor you are also eligible to request the assistance of our staff to identify possible prospects and/or submit a MEETINGS WISH LIST on your behalf. to our staff who will contact the selected prospects and arrange meetings

Each week that precedes the event you’ll receive:

(1) A list of confirmed participants, complete with their contact details. For your convenience, the newly registered participants will be highlighted.
(2) A list of confirmed buyers regrouped by content genre they are looking to acquire.  

I am having trouble reaching some participants.

If the participant with whom you are trying to set up a meeting is not responsive to your requests within three business days, we encourage you to communicate your issues to, and the DISCOP Organization team will do their best to assist you.

Online Content Catalog.

As an exhibitor you are eligible to upload up to ten titles to our online content catalog at To submit your content fill out and return the content submission form with a picture in portrait layout for each program to Marc Berry,

Onsite meeting service

Our Meeting Organization service will have a physical presence at the market. The Meeting Organization Center (MOC) will count on dedicated staff to assist you with your pre-arranged meetings as well as to provide with the most updated information on newly registered participants in order that you could set up meetings with them.

How do I locate someone who was supposed to meet with me?

If you have set-up a meeting and the participant is running late, or is a no show, please alert our Meeting Organization Center staff, and we will let you know whether the person is a no-show for the market, or, if the participant has checked-in and do our best to reschedule the missed meeting by reaching the participant via the phone, SMS, or Skype. Our staff will also attempt to physically locate the participant, or, failing all those options, we will leave a message for that person on our electronic board.

How do I find out who registered on-site or at the last minute?

At the end of each market day, a list of newly registered participants with their contact details will be available at the Meeting Organization Center for additional matchmaking opportunities.

Can I leave a message for someone?

Yes! Whether you have already met with this participant, or just want to leave a message for someone, please send your message to or go to our Meeting Organization Center, and our staff will do their best to assist you.