DISCORE (Music in TV & FILM) Launch Press Conference

DISCOP is excited to announce a new knowledge-transfer and matchmaking programme, dubbed DISCORE which will bring the world of music production closer to the African editions of the DISCOP Film, Television, Digital Content Markets. With the inaugural event to kick off at Côte d’Ivoire during the next Abidjan edition of DISCOP (29 to 31 May 2018), DISCORE will be co-organised with Nairobi-based PHAT! Music & Entertainment – a celebrated authority on African music since 1999, under its social enterprise arm, ONGEA! Africa. DISCORE will specifically target African-based creative, production, and technical experts from within the expanding Pan-African music industry.

The US Department of Commerce will also take the stage during this conference to share more information around “Hollywood Meets Africa: Opportunities and Expectations” 

From 2018, all DISCOP African markets will include a full-day DISCORE programme that will provide participants with valuable, actionable information and tools, along with unparalleled access to networking and meetings. In order to ensure a continued momentum, and to bridge strategic Regions of Africa, DISCORE will take place three times in 2018 and four times a year at the four African DISCOP markets from 2019: Nigeria (March), Abidjan (May), Zanzibar (July), and South Africa (October)

  • Patrick Zuchowicki, General Manager, DISCOP Markets
  • Mike Strano, Founding Director, ONGEA! Africa
  • Andrea Da Silva, Global Team Leader, Media & Entertainment at US Department of Commerce